Born to Run

Following a birthday celebration, a sudden car accident shatters the lives of Xiuli and Xiufang’s families. In the tragedy, Xiuli’s younger sister, Xiuli’s second son, Ruoxuan, a high-achieving high school student, loses his life, while Xiufang’s only daughter, Anxin, a young dance teacher, loses both her legs. To support her grieving mother, Xiuli’s eldest daughter, Ruohua, brings her to her student dormitory. Yet, emotionally wounded, Xiuli becomes a source of significant trouble for Ruohua, a senior on the verge of graduation. This is especially evident in Ruohua’s romantic relationship with Zhou Kaize, where the pressure from her mother becomes overwhelming. Meanwhile, facing her dejected daughter Anxin and her increasingly vulnerable son-in-law Qin Feng, Xiufang, who has always battled weight issues, is determined to boost her daughter’s confidence by achieving an unprecedented weight-loss success.

Duration: N/A min
Country: China
Production: N/A

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