Boy’s Word: Blood on the Asphalt

Perestroika has transitioned from the halls of the Kremlin to the streets of cities and towns, marking the demise of the Soviet Union in plain view. As a harbinger of change, not only does freedom of speech, music, and market prices emerge, but also a newfound freedom from conscience that edges towards lawlessness. Amidst the struggle for survival among the older generation, abandoned children roam the streets forming impromptu alliances, vying for control over their territory. In the midst of widespread poverty and the loss experienced by adults, youth groups establish explicit codes of conduct, mutual support, and the influence of a prominent figure, stronger than any sworn oath. However, as friendship and notions of justice become increasingly entangled with violence and criminal activities against this pivotal historical backdrop, the series unfolds the coming-of-age journey and transformation of Andrey, a simple outsider among teenagers, into a ruthless individual.

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