Bromley: Light After Dark

Art became David Bromley’s solace, quieting the voices in his head and revealing the beauty in the world. Motivated by this transformative experience, he made the profound decision to dedicate his entire self to something meaningful. “Light after Dark” invites us into the realm of this distinguished Australian artist. With intimate access, we peel back layers of anxiety, phobias, and surviving suicide, while embracing the humor, vitality, and love that define the Bromley world. David’s journey is intricately tied to his wife Yuge, and through their powerful partnership, we witness the fragility of David’s world and state of mind. As the Bromleys lead authentic lives, interviews with friends, critics, and musicians provide diverse perspectives on the creative process, mental health, and the commercialization of art.

Released: 2023-08-31
Genre: Documentary

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