In light of the account Ne jamais rien lâcher, the content follows the profession of Marinette Pichon for thirty years. Brought into the world in 1975, she was the trailblazer of French ladies’ football and one of the best stars of that game on the planet. A wonder found at five years old, she proceeded to turn into the principal French player to make a lifelong in the US (men/ladies consolidated) and the record holder for the quantity of objectives and choices for the French group (men/ladies joined). From her experience growing up, desolated by a drunkard and brutal dad, to the Pursuit of Happiness (she was delegated best player and best scorer in the lofty US association in 2002 and 2003 and “Most Significant Player” in 2003), through her profession with the French group, Marinette lays out the representation of a youngster from a common foundation who was not bound for such an unprecedented vocation way…

Duration: 104 min
Country: France

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