Não Tem Volta

Henrique is unable to move on from his breakup with Gabriela, and even a year later, the devastation hinders his ability to find joy in anything or anyone else. Overwhelmed by his suffering, he contemplates ending his life. Lacking the courage to do so, he takes an unusual step by hiring a hitman service with an irrevocable rule: once the contract is signed and paid for, there’s no turning back. However, as fate would have it, after committing to this drastic decision, Henrique unexpectedly encounters Gabriela. To his surprise, she expresses a desire to reconcile. Now faced with the dilemma of identifying his potential executioner, Henrique embarks on a journey filled with tense and miraculous situations, desperately striving to save himself and reunite with the woman he loves.

Duration: 90 min
Country: Brazil

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