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Lin Xi, nicknamed the “witch” in the translation industry, reunites with her ex-boyfriend, Xia Yicheng. Eight years prior, she had ended their relationship to fulfill her mother’s wish for her to become a professional interpreter for the United Nations. Now, Lin Xi is the youngest chief interpreter at Huasheng, while Xia Yicheng has become the chief technology officer of a communications company, potentially becoming her client. To secure a contract with Xia Yicheng, Lin Xi finds herself compelled to maintain dealings with him. Despite appearances that Xia Yicheng seeks revenge, he cannot bring himself to be harsh with Lin Xi. As they collaborate on helping his company go public, their professional partnership rekindles their passionate relationship. Gradually, Xia Yicheng comes to understand the reason for their past breakup. Together, they strive to realize their dream of “speaking for the country.”

Duration: 45 min
Country: China

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